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In-store concepts

Omnichannel brands excel with modern in-store concepts. Nimble and agile, their physical stores remain vital and relevant by connecting to digital channels seamlessly. Our in-store concepts are built so you can follow in their footsteps. Then leap ahead of them.

Omnichannel retailing

In-store solutions provide the missing link

Omnichannel brands aren’t just surviving – they are thriving. Omnichannel retailing typically outperforms online-only brands. The mix of in-store and digital channels gives more ways to engage customers and offer convenient, seamless buying experiences.

At the heart of omnichannel retailing are in-store solutions that link the digital and physical worlds. Executed well, these in-store solutions offer a truly unified commerce experience. An experience that’s better for your customer, and more profitable for you.

Our principle in-store concepts include:

  • In-store self-checkout solutions
  • In-store Display toolkit

Flexible and customizable

All of our in-store concepts are flexible and customizable – perfect for testing. Legacy-free and cloud-based, these in-store solutions easily integrate into your existing data systems.

And importantly, we constantly improve and refine each in-store solution. So you can enjoy in-store solutions that work for your omnichannel retailing ambitions today and tomorrow.

Case story - KICKS

A seamless experience for inspirational shopping

Connecting physical stores with the high-performing e-commerce, KICKS digital eco-system gives the customer a seamless experience for relevant and inspirational shopping. The mobile self-checkout solution empowers both customers and staff with a smooth way of handling payments.

Avensia In-Store products

In-store Self-checkout solutions

Accessed through your customers’ own smartphones, our barcode readers create the simplest, fastest way to pay in-store. This in-store solution can both reduce costs and increase profits.

Leading beauty brand KICKS has used this in-store solution with great success.

In-store Display toolkit

This web-based, hardware-free digital tool turns your in-store screens into touch-free, interactive displays controlled by your customers.

Simply scanning a QR code transforms the in-store screen into a remote-controlled display for any kind of retail experience.

Modern Commerce Talks

How can in-store digital displays offer business value post-covid?

As consumers are returning to the physical stores, they are still expecting a safe shopping experience. In this modern commerce talk, Mats Näs will talk about the value of non-touch digital displays, controlled by a mobile phone. The use cases are many, as they can be used both by the store assistant and the customer.

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