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Data-driven insights

Ours is becoming a data-driven world. And those data insights can take a lot of the guesswork out of being a successful retailer. Through their own data, retailers have all the clues they need to make better, data-driven decisions for every aspect of business. We help you make sense of it all – turning it into meaningful, data-driven commerce.

Data-driven commerce strategy

Delivering you the right data insights – in real time

Data-driven decisions can transform the fortunes of any retailer or B2B business.

Data insights can shed light on every dark corner of your business. Which customers are most valuable. Which products are most profitable. Which traffic sources drive most revenue. Weaknesses in your supply chain. And so much more. A data-driven focus ensures you make better decisions all around.

Typically, the issue in data-driven commerce isn’t getting data. It’s how you’re managing and using it. That’s where we can add enormous data-driven business value.

At the outset, our advisors and data management experts will get to grips with your data set-up. They’ll ask important questions like:

  • What do you want to find out from your data? What questions do you want to answer?
  • What are your KPIs? What business decision do you want to be data-driven with better data?
  • Which aspects of your commerce journey do you feel the most uninformed about?

Importantly, we focus on the business value you want to add from a data-driven strategy – and work backwards. Once we know your goals and KPIs, we can identify the right sources to get the data-driven insights you need to achieve them. Then, we get to work on ensuring your data quality is up to scratch.

We believe all discussions on improving sales should focus on three key areas: boosting traffic, improving conversion, and increasing the average order value. Data-driven insights are vital to achieving all three.

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End-to-end data management

If our strategists identify holes or barriers within your data infrastructure, we can fix them.

Our data management team builds and implements Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions for retailers and B2B business of all shapes and sizes.

These systems, often built in conjunction with globally renowned platforms like Riversand and inRiver, ensure your data is high quality and therefore useable. And that you can access and analyze it in real time to influence decision making with data-driven insights.

This technical knowledge and ability not only support our data insight strategy teams, but also allow us to solve problems quickly and offer end-to-end data-driven commerce solutions.


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