Storefront InStore concepts

The physical stores are and will continue to be crucial parts of modern commerce, but to survive they need to focus on relevance and customer experience. We are dedicated to enabling a digital infrastructure that makes stores relevant, inspirational and connected to the digital offer. By digitalizing the physical stores we are closing the circle and can offer a truly Unified Commerce experience. 

The aim of our In-store solutions is to empower the physical store with tools for:

Customer convenience • Customer experience • Increased sales  • Increased profitability

Our In-store solutions are 

  • Built on a robust core
  • Designed for permanent stores and/or part of a pop-up-store scenario
  • Customizable to solve the needs of retailers’ unique use cases
  • Built to be used independently or together
  • Perfect for testing new formats, concepts and business models
  • Continuously developed to keep up with modern commerce

Solutions to disrupt the in-store tech market

  • Legacy free
  • Cloud based 
  • Built on cutting edge technology
  • Fully supported and integrated to our Nitro framework

The guiding principles for our In-store concepts are the same as for our e-commerce solutions: 

  • No system should be a bottle neck for other systems 
  • E-COM, PIM, OMS, ERP, CRM etc should support each other to create a rich and unified customer experience

We are continuously developing new innovative solutions together with our customers to disrupt the market. Join us!

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