"Avensia have had to demonstrate their skills and we are deeply impressed”


About COOP

COOP is the second largest grocery chain in Norway with about 1250 stores. The chain has a range consisting of several different store concepts such as Coop Obs, Coop Extra, Coop Mega, Coop Marknad, ICA, Rimi and Matkroken. The company also has 120 building warehouses under the names: Coop Obs! Bygg, Coop Extra and Coop Byggmix. The entire organization is owned by the customers in a cooperative with about 1.4 million members.


Coop Norway operates both grocery and non-grocery stores, where they are the price-leader in building materials. They have realised the importance of a strong online presence and therefore chose the Episerver Commerce platform for their new e-commerce ventures. As the Nordic Region’s most experienced supplier and with backing from several strong references, Avensia was given responsibility for implementing the solution. The e-commerce initiative covers the entire retail chain, including sports, electronics and construction.

The project

The project has involved everything from a re-design of the website to integration with physical stores and their information systems. Several multi-channel features are integrated so that all chains within Coop are able to maintain different prices.
Based on where you live in Norway, the homepage sends you to the right store by requesting that you enter your address. On the site you can also shop at several different COOP chains at the same time and even within a single purchase.