About us

Avensia is a leading company within the field of e-commerce. We deliver complete omni-channel solutions to companies with high demands. Our experience from hundreds of large e-commerce projects allows us to help our clients with everything from system implementations to consulting and business development.
Our work is built upon our curious nature and forward-striving energy, both of which continuously push us to find new solutions and ideas.
We like a challenge, and highly value the challenges and expertise our partners and clients bring in from their respective fields. Our success in individual projects as well as in the industry at large is spearheaded by the synergy we are able to create between the efforts of our clients, our partners, and ourselves.
Synergy is what we excel at, and what we believe to be the key to achieving our common goals.
Avensia AB is traded on NASDAQ Stockholm First North Premier with the ticker AVEN.

What we do

We increase conversion for our clients through implementing market leading .NET-technology for e-commerce, CMS, Product Information Management and personalisation.
Avensia operates out of offices in Scandinavia, with international clients in both B2B and B2C. Our clients work in a variety of industries, everything from sports and fashion to the manufacturing industry.