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Digital innovations for

Retail stores

Our retail store solutions revamp your digital infrastructure to create brilliant customer experiences – wherever your customers choose to shop. With digital innovation, retailers can breathe new life into traditional physical stores. Now is the time to link bricks with clicks. 

Omnichannel retail

Creating consistent, compelling customer experiences

The (physical) retail store isn’t necessarily the center of your customers’ retail shopping journey anymore. It’s probably wiser to see the customers themselves as the center of that journey.

Digital innovation is driving personal choice in retail. Your customers now have a huge amount of choice about where and how they shop and engage with retailers.

Creating consistent and compelling customer experiences across every retail channel is key.

With this in mind, we ensure your physical retail stores connect seamlessly to your wider retail ecosystem. With digital innovation, your physical retail stores can work much harder. We’ll help you get the best out of them.

Avensia retail store support may include:

  • 360-degree customer insights – working to ensure you capture and utilize data at every sales channel, including the store
  • In-store concepts – from self-checkout to innovative omnichannel displays
  • Integration and sales strategies – ensuring your stores perform within an omnichannel context
  • Organizational support and change management – focusing, aligning and co-ordinating your business during digital transformation
  • ROI and KPI advice – modernizing your omnichannel outlook without compromising your bottom line

Our experience is rooted in building e-commerce solutions for some of the world’s biggest retail brands. By harnessing that digital knowledge and experience, we can create truly modern multichannel ecosystems for our customers.

A truly unified commerce experience

Modern in-store concepts

The mix of in-store and digital channels gives more ways to engage customers and offer convenient, seamless buying experiences. Our in-store solutions link the digital and physical worlds. Executed well, these in-store solutions offer a truly unified commerce experience.

Fast and slow ethos

Great retail experiences now fall into two categories only: fast or slow. Much of what we do for physical retail stores is built around that ethos.

Look at the world’s most winning brands. They use physical spaces to offer customers one of two experiences.

  • Frictionless and convenient – delivering exactly what they want.
  • Or slow, rich experiences – making them want to visit again and again.

Fast retail store experiences enable customers to complete their shopping missions in as little time as possible. Slow retail store experiences and inspirational spaces allow customers to discover the brand and its products at a slower pace and try new things. The retail store assistants and product experts play important roles in both. And here digital innovation can make a big difference.

This fast and slow ethos underpins everything we do to help retailers to reimagine their physical retail stores. Whether we’re implementing retail strategies or technology, our focus is avoiding the mediocre middle ground at all cost.

Ready for digital innovations?

With experience from hundreds of digital commerce and business development projects, we can leverage your unique selling points with a tailor-made strategy and best-of breed technology.

Find out how Avensia can help you fuel your business growth. Provide your contact information and we will be in touch very soon.