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Modern Commerce Strategy

A successful modern commerce strategy has to connect a lot of dots. Avensia's modern commerce strategy team proudly call themselves multi-skilled multi-taskers. They have that rare ability to understand business culture and processes along with the technical nuts and bolts of digital commerce. With their strategic commerce support, you can build a better business.

Modern commerce strategy combines technical & strategic expertise

We’re often known for building and implementing e-commerce, omnichannel and data management solutions. Yet, our commerce strategy experts play a vital role in most projects.

Avensia's modern commerce strategy team is here for you in multiple ways. Getting to grips with the gaps in your existing commerce strategy. Identifying the most relevant trends in your industry. Supporting you with change management. And importantly, our commerce strategy team provides the bridge between your ambitions and the tools you’ll need to achieve them.

Avensia's areas of modern commerce strategy expertise

Digital commerce

Creating strategies that take you beyond e-commerce to ensure you can compete with pure-play experts.

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Retail trends & research

Identifying the most meaningful trends in your sector and building strategic actions from them.

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Building the connections between your channels to improve customer experiences, everywhere.

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People & Digital change

Ensuring your employees are enhancers of digital transformation, not barriers.

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Sustainable commerce

Helping you create meaningful change in your industry with tangible sustainability strategies.

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White Paper:

How can retail in modern commerce and e-commerce be made more sustainable?

For years sustainability remained a significant if not fundamental item on retailers’ to-do list. But recently, that has changed. This whitepaper examines exactly what’s changed, what the most sustainable retailers are doing, and what the future holds.

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