Small tweaks - big impact on digital sales

The full checklist will explain in detail what you and your team can do to become an e-commerce dream team and make the most of the systems you already have, such as your CRM. Download it here



What use is the best digital commerce technology if you don't know how to tap into its full potential? 

Implementing technology is the easy part. Creating a business model and an organization supported by digital tools is much harder. It requires new skills, new ways of working, new processes and new priorities. 

To secure long term success for our customers we provide advisory services. We employ top-level professionals within omnichannel commerce, marketing and digital transformation to help our customers get on ahead in their industry.


These experts form the Avensia advisory team. The wide range of skills in the team is very valuable for our customers, whose challenges often spans over several different components of the field of modern commerce. Here is a brief overview of what the Avensia advisors help our customers with:

 The three levels of the Avensia advisory: 

  • STRATEGY – Strategic top-level advisory. With expertise within digital entrepreneurship, consumer behavior and market trends they are able to give our customers new insights on how to adapt their business model to become more successful.
  • COACHING – A good strategy is nothing without tactical execution. Our advisors have skills and long experience of analyzing and implementing digital and commerce processes, training, coaching, organizational changes, capability assessments and tools.
  • INTERIM MANAGEMENT – They act as interim digital and commerce managers in our customers' organizations. Our advisors have a track record of successfully managing digital organizations.                                                                                                                                                  

 Examples of strategic decisions the advisory team helps our customers with:

These are a few examples, and we also tailor our offers within commerce strategy completely according to your needs.