Search & Relevance

What is relevance for e-commerce?

In a store, a good sales assistant will help the customer find the right articles, recommend what suits them, and suggest other articles that the customer may need to complete their purchase. In order for an e-commerce solution to be able to create a similar personalised experience online, it needs a search- and relevance tool.

In e-commerce, functions such as recommendations, campaigns, search, and the shopping cart have to be tested and optimised to fit business goals and consumer needs. Therefore, Avensia works continuously with clients to optimise their solutions.

We mainly work with the search- and relevance tool Apptus eSales. Apptus eSales is a self-optimizing system that collects consumer data from search and activity in order to present the site as best fits consumer needs. This could go for products, search, campaigns, content and layout to different extents, depending on needs for personalisation for merchandising.

Apptus eSales is reminiscent of the good sales representative in a physical store, with the added perks of updating information in milliseconds and possessing extensive knowledge of the assortment.