What is Omni-Channel?

Omni-Channel is a relatively new term within commerce that entails the binding of sales channels and marketing through integrations between web and Point of Sale (POS) systems in a physical store. Not only does it provide the customer with the same information in both channels, but it also gathers information about the customer in one channel to be used in the other.

We help our clients with Omni-Channel

Our clients are experts in their industry. They know their products and they know their customers, but need help in conveying that across multiple channels. Therein lies our expertise. With our experience and knowledge in Omni-Channel, we can help our clients reach out to their customers and remain competitive across channels.

Avensia is a one-stop-shop for Omni-Channel. We offer consultancy from some of the world’s best Omni-Channel strategists who see to it that our clients make the right investments for their companies, and we execute by developing the client’s platform.

At Avensia, we value finding a sustainable business model and strategy — one that works today, but also in the future.

In order to develop a sustainable Omni-Channel strategy we analyse and evaluate what level of maturity the client’s business is currently at. This is something we do together with the client before setting up a long term plan, which we then break up into sub targets meant to lead us to the client’s ultimate goal.

We focus on our clients’ business goals. Whether it’s about more revenue, higher profit or an increased market share, our mission is to help them find their way.

Avensia’s Omni-Channel offer

                  •                 Sales strategy

                  •                 System choices

                  •                 Calculate ROI

                  •                 Integration strategy

                  •                 Organisational structure

                  •                 Modification strategy

                  •                 Development