A membership in a club is no longer a definition of loyalty. Today, it's all about creating great customer journeys. Where you lead curious consumers to become faithful customers. Where you create relevant offers and communicate with people based on their needs. With Voyado, you get one of the most powerful loyalty systems on the market, so user friendly that you can pilot each customer journey on your own. With guidance, if you need it.

Voyado provides insights and helps you recruit, identify, nurture and reward your customers. With relevant communication and follow-up you can increase profitability.

Voyado can be integrated with all kinds of external data sources, such as ERP business systems, BI and retail POS to make the most of your data.

Avensia offers support in your loyalty endeavors, customized according to your needs.  We can help you with everything from strategy, new organizations and concepts to customer communication, solution architecture and implementation. 

Voyado advantages

  • A complete tool providing you with a 360 view of the customer in order to build relationships and loyalty in a true omni-channel fashion.
  • A cloud-based solution, gathering all customer data from online and offline sources, in one place.
  • Easy to implement, use and integrate with existing systems, such as web platform, POS, ERP and BI, in order to establish an omnichannel solution. 
  • A user-friendly and easily navigated user interface.
  • Communication engine supporting email, text messages, web and social media publishing, apps and a file manager for physical mail. Voyado can also handle soft bounces from the web site and product automation in emails. 
  • AI-driven campaign engine and tools for automated customer communication. 
  • Dynamic communication templates enabling the creation of personal and relevant customer communication. Ability to segment customers and target groups and to automate triggerbased customer communication throughout the entire customer journey - online and offline. The customer segmentation module comes with a customizable RFM-model, including calculations. 
  • Rule-based A/B-testing for continuous optimization governed by insights.
  • The Campaign monitoring tool offers statistics on everything from open rate to generated sales.
  • Supports management of bonuses, rewards and personal offers, all depending on customers' buying habits and loyalty.
  • The user interface can be customized according to user categories e.g. digital communicators, analysts, customer service and in-store staff. 
  • In order to analyze customer development, Voyado offers both detailed reports and overhead dashboards. Voyado can be integrated with MS Power BI, QlikView or other analytics tools.
  • Voyado offers integrated support for the measurement of Net Promoter Score and alternative customer surveys.   

Read more about how we work with relationship commerce, from strategy to delivery. 

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How do Swedes shop?

Voyado’s brand new report – How do Swedes shop? – reveals how Swedes consume and respond to marketing campaigns in loyalty programs. Here you will find statistics and insights based on millions of transactions from Swedish retail companies.

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