Apptus eSales

A self-taught, easily integrated web service for e-commerce that completes and extends your merchandising capacity

Apptus eSales offers a unified solution for management of every aspect of the customer experience, with artificial intelligence and product relevance in search, navigation and recommendations. With this multichannel tool you can create a personalised shopping experience for each customer, by always delivering relevant offers and content.

Through many years of close collaboration, we have become experts at Apptus eSales and have played an important contributing role in its development.

Apptus eSales Benefits

   •      Recommendations with personalisation, optimisation and listing

   •      Search function for products, content and promotions

   •      Personalised filter navigation

   •      Autocomplete and “did-you-mean”

   •      Banner optimisation

   •      Personalised live banners

   •      Auto-optimisation of content presentation

   •      Multivariate real-time testing

   •      Market specific behaviours

   •      Site overlay – a layer on top of the site with real-time KPIs

   •      Synonym management

   •      Present products by – abandoned shopping cart, recently viewed products, recent searches and top sellers