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Avensia Modern Commerce Talks

How to Use AI to Match Purchase Intent with the Right Products

This Modern Commerce Talk with Apptus' CEO is about delivering world class customer experiences using smart, cutting edge commerce technology. 

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Michael Mokhberi, Founder and CEO from Apptus Technologies will explain how AI can understand what the online shopper is looking for, and map that purchase intent to relevant products, using a conceptual understanding of the products. Avensia’s commerce advisor Johan Liljeros will explain how this can revolutionize the business organization, internal processes and not least – the user experiences.

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Apptus eSales

AI personalized e-commerce experiences

To succeed with your e-commerce it is crucial that you increase your traffic and convert new visitors into leads. With our partner Apptus Technologies and their eSales technology, we can help you improve your e-commerce significantly using AI-powered personalization.

Apptus eSales improves relevance in product searches, navigation and recommendations. With its multichannel AI-driven tool, they deliver the rights content, promotions and recommendations at exactly the right time. 

Learn more about how to create personalized e-commerce experiences with Apptus eSales and win more conversions.