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E-Commerce Consulting in the U.S. - Do You Need It?

Jan 06, 2022

If your business is constantly striving to get ahead in e-commerce, a consultant could be exactly what you need for success.

If you’re a business in the U.S. and you’re just getting into e-commerce, or you’re looking to up your e-commerce game, then consulting could be something you should consider.

The fact is that there’s a lot more to consider in e-commerce than just creating an online store and waiting for the customers to roll in. Every detail of your online business needs to be carefully planned out as part of an overall strategy. That strategy also needs to be dynamic to meet the ever-changing demands of your online shoppers. That means site redesigns, testing, customer data analysis, product information updates, etc. It’s a lot to wrap your head around. 

Hiring an e-commerce consultant can help with every step on your journey to success.

No matter how well you’re doing in e-commerce, the fact is that you could be doing even better.

What Does an E-Commerce Consultant Do?

An e-commerce consultant brings expertise in all things related to digital commerce. At Avensia, that means we have e-commerce strategists and experienced designers, among others, who work with our clients in a continuous effort to maximize online success. 

What an e-commerce consultant actually does depends on your needs. If you’re just getting started, they’ll help you choose an e-commerce platform on which to build your storefront, and then they’ll help you to design and create an attention-grabbing site. 

You’ll also need all the right tools to manage your online store’s data, inventory, and product information. Your consultant will help you determine which of the many tools out there that accomplish these things are a good fit for your business. 

At Avensia, we help recommend the right platform and tools most relevant for your business needs. If you’re in a fast-moving industry with new trends and business behavior emerging quickly we would advise you to consider taking the composable commerce route when it comes to selecting your tools. For other types of businesses a pre-packaged e-commerce platform with built-in tools, may be the best option to accelerate speed to market. 

E-Commerce Consulting is About Strategy

Of course there’s a lot more to e-commerce consulting than just getting your business up and running. In essence, it’s about helping you navigate online markets using data and research to improve your business’s performance. 

For example, one of the best things about e-commerce is all the first-party user data you can acquire just by the nature of the business. As customers and potential customers navigate your site, you can obtain valuable insights into how they behave on your site and what their interactions look like while they’re there. 

Your consultant will help you unearth this data and then use it to form strategies for improving those customer journeys and tailoring your customer experience to meet their wants and needs. 

A good consultant will also help you conduct A/B testing and user testing, implement omnichannel strategies that help you reach your audience, and much more. 

Does Your Business Need E-Commerce Consulting?

No matter how well you’re doing in e-commerce, the fact is that you could be doing even better. An e-commerce consultant will help you achieve that. 

At Avensia, we don’t just pop in to help with a task and then leave our clients to figure out the rest on their own. We view our consultation as an ongoing relationship with our clients. It’s a collaboration where we take a long-term view of things. That allows us to continuously optimize our strategies as situations demand. 

This approach requires a level of commitment to success on both sides. If you don’t feel that drive to take your business to the top, then maybe e-commerce consulting isn’t something you need. However, if your business is always striving to achieve a bigger impact in the digital market space, then you should very much consider using a consultant.

If you or your business are looking for e-commerce consulting to help you take things to the next level, contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help.