E-commerce and Omni-Channel is so much more than just technology – it’s about people.

It is easy to get the idea that e-commerce and Omni-Channel is a question of IT. Of course, IT is crucial, but perhaps even more important than IT is the people behind the technology. The right people, knowledge, and experience is required to run and develop companies with a competitive advantage.

Avensia offers strategic consultancy in addition to market leading e-commerce and Omni-Channel solutions. This is to make sure you and your company have the right competency to be able to make better decisions that will drive your e-commerce strategy forward.

Our strategic expertise within e-commerce stretches across everything from inspirational lectures to long-term collaborations comprising continuous strategic coaching. Oftentimes we start off with a strategic flyover to analyse company needs and take on an appropriate role accordingly.

We act as a sounding board for thoughts and ideas. We perform Customer Journey Analysis in order to develop a fitting Omni-Channel strategy. We offer board support as an active board member or a guest consulting on everything from e-commerce trends to business models and group management. We can even help out with evaluating candidates for company recruitments.

Ultimately, we tailor our offers according to your needs and wishes. 

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