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PDF generator. Digital asset management. Payment solutions. These are just a few of our huge range of supplemental products designed to solve real-life problems. From adapting partner products for PIM solutions, to third-party partnerships with payment providers, each one moves you a step up in modern commerce.

Solving Everyday Challenges in Modern Commerce with our Market Leading Products

In addition to our packaged commerce solutions and omnichannel components, we offer several other product solutions for e-commerce and omnichannel businesses. E-commerce products like our PDF generator – saving countless hours for a repetitive task. Each product innovation is the result of close cooperation with our customers to understand their everyday reality.

Information management for modern commerce

Several of our commerce product solutions, such as our PDF generator, are built specifically to provide better information management for your e-commerce or omnichannel retail business. These information management solutions solve different parts of the data management puzzle. Altogether, they help speed up, automate and improve how you manage information in your digital business.

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Avensia PDF Generator

When the Storefront PDF Generator is integrated into a PIM system, every change in product information – from images to translations the creation of a new data sheet. This PDF file is then readily available to distribute to your website, ERP and stakeholders. All without manual and repetitive work. Our PDF generator allows for mass production of PDF documents – bringing significant efficiency to your digital commerce business.

Avensia ETIM Extension

The ETIM Extension is a specification component in InRiver PMC. When editors select a product class in the PIM, they’re prompted to add data according to the ETIM standards for that class. With mandatory ETIM data added (article numbers, attributes, etc.), the product can launch to websites and external databases. You gain efficiency and accuracy, while saving time and money.

FINFO connector for suppliers

The FINFO connector allows suppliers in the construction industry to enrich products aimed for the FINFO database, according to FINFO standards and requirements. This includes the Vilma standard.

Validoo Connector

The Validoo connector provides your PIM or MDM services with functionality for product data validation against the GS1 standard. The external validation solution provided by Validoo runs as SaaS (Software as a Service), and is maintained, developed and operated by Avensia. The potential benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, consistency and quality of data are enormous for your e-commerce or omnichannel retail business.


Third-party products

Avensia is proud to partner with companies that deliver top-notch components for modern commerce. Hand-picked and quality assured, our e-commerce and omnichannel retail solutions typically have ready-to-use integrations.

Digital Asset Management

Our partners in digital asset management, QBank and Digizuite, are known as market leaders in the digital asset management space.

With a dedicated digital asset management solution, you can store, manage and publish from a centralized source. It’s the smart step for turning your digital assets into genuine business value.

Customer experience

To enhance customer experience, we partner with Quicksearch.

It’s a whip-smart feedback tool that ensures you can act on brand relationships and make the most of all the feedback you get. In a retail world increasingly dominated by customer opinion, Quicksearch is a hugely valuable tool.

Payment solutions

When it comes to payment solutions, we’re proud to work with global leaders Klarna and DIBS. DIBS is a comprehensive payment solution that offers a payment gateway and acquiring services all in one. Meanwhile Klarna is a renowned provider of a range of financial services such as payments for online storefronts, direct payments and, perhaps most notably, post-purchase payment solutions.

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