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We are continuously building new solutions to help you achieve even better product information management. They all solve different challenges in the everyday management of product data. Our connectors help product and marketing teams speed up, automate and improve processes and time-to-market.

Solving Everyday Challenges in Modern Commerce

In addition to our packaged commerce solutions and omnichannel components, we offer several other product solutions for e-commerce and omnichannel businesses. E-commerce products like our PDF generator – saving countless hours for a repetitive task. Each product innovation is the result of close cooperation with our customers to understand their everyday reality.

Several of our commerce product solutions, such as our PDF generator, are built specifically to provide better information management for your e-commerce or omnichannel retail business. These information management solutions solve different parts of the data management puzzle.

These are a few of them:

PDF generator: Integrated in the PIM, the PDF generator reduces manual and repetitive work and allows for automated production of PDF documents. Every change in product data triggers the creation of a new and updated product sheet.

ETIM extension: This specification component fuels efficiency and accuracy. Each product class in the PIM has mandatory fields for all the required data, which must be enriched according to the ETIM/GS1 standards for that class.

FINFO connector for suppliers: This connector ensures correct enrichment of products that will be fed to the FINFO database. All products are enriched according to the FINFO standards and requirements, including the Vilma standard.

Validoo connector: This connector converts data for validation within Validoo, the product database that validates trade item information for all sales channels in Sweden. The potential benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, consistency and data quality are enormous.

From Chaos to Clarity

Making Sense of the Real Value of PIM and MDM

For companies of almost all shapes and sizes, data management is a complex and challenging undertaking. Our data management team help our clients to turn the chaos of disparate data into clear and simple strategies. This white paper shares some of the thoughts and insights that drive these strategies.

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