Information Management for Commerce

To manage and optimize your commerce across all channels, it is important that all your information domains, and the content within them, are managed efficiently. Data and related content from different domains, such as product, customer and  supplier, should  be easily  accessible to all stakeholders in the process of maintaining and launching products and services in multiple channels.

At Avensia we consider these components to be necessary in order to create world class commerce:

Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management(PIM), Translation Management Services (TMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Avensia can support your company all the way from evaluation of systems to technical implemenation

  • Evaluate your organization - insufficiencies and future potential
  • Help you decide what technical support you need, in terms of systems and tools
  • Implement and configure systems and tools
  • Make sure the most efficient work processes are in place

To make sure that you will be spending time on the right, value adding efforts, you need to create a solid foundation to start from. 

We help you build a data driven business 

By implementing the right tools and processes for information management, you can achieve:

  • less individual dependencies
  • faster time to market
  • less manual effort
  • faster expansion to new markets
  • easy management of local offerings
  • easy channel management 
  • improved internal communication