Enrich, validate and send to Validoo

Storefront Validoo Connector for suppliers

The product database

GS1 Sweden has Sweden’s largest product database, Validoo, containing 330,000 products with trade item information according to GS1’s standard. Over 2,500 suppliers currently use the database to share validated trade item information with 70 connected recipients in the grocery industry, pharmacies, Systembolaget and Food Service. To be able to sell your products, you need correct trade item information. By validating your product data with Validoo, recipients of product data and images can be sure that the trade item information they receive from you is correct. 

The connector

The Storefront Validoo Connector for Suppliers provides your PIM or MDM services with functionality for product data validation against the GS1 standard, using the external validation solution provided by Validoo. The Services run as a SaaS (Software as a Service), and is maintained, developed and operated by Avensia.  

With the Storefront Validoo Connector integrated to your PIM/MDM-system, you can easily validate added or changed product information and send it to Validoo, where it is accessible by the entire value chain.

How does it work? 

The Storefront Validoo Connector for Supplier consists of a group of components working together to get the optimal efficiency and control for PIM and MDM editors. The items in the PIM/MDM exist parallel to the Validoo articles and will not interfere with each other if the service is applied when an existing data model already is in place.  

The data model is continuously updated with information following the GS1 standards. Necessary lists of valid values are retrieved from GS1 so that articles can be enriched with the correct values on the GS1 fields. 

You may chose to use a specific Storefront Validoo Connector web app, to securely apply article information and logistics data to the items based on GS1 standards. A validation is made before the articles are submitted to Validoo so that you can ensure that the information is accurate and that all mandatory information is in the right format and written according to the correct standards. 

When the data is transferred to Validoo, using a secure certificate, the connector also wait for a response, to that a submission can be traced, or resubmitted.  

Short functional description

  • Separate data model structure ensures that no collision with existing model occur 
  • Storefront Validoo connector web application 
  • Prevalidation service for high level validation of articles against Validoo requirements 
  • Secure and encrypted (secure EDI) submission of article data to Validoo 

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