Storefront PDF Generator

With the PDF generator integrated into your systems, every change in product information, e.g. images and translations, triggers the creation of a new data sheet, a PDF file, readily available to distribute to your dependants, without manual and repetitive work.

Maintaining different product related documents in many languages is often a very extensive work, and in many cases EU directives forces  companies to develop and maintain information about products related to safety and health risks, environmental impact, recycling and other areas. The directives also drive companies to continually ensure that information is kept up-to-date and available in the languages relevant to each market. 

Storefront PDF generator provides companies with the ability to efficiently create and maintain product documents, such as declarations of performance, technical data sheets, safety data sheets and other document types. In effect, you can Mass produce PDF product documents in all languages and the output can be published and used on websites, in the ERP, content stores etc.

A cloud service scalable according to your needs

The PDF Generator is a scalable cloud service.  You can turn the generation capacity up, down or off, depending on your needs. 

The PDF generator uses a document unique template for product information from a PIM to generate a PDF document. All templates including the template specific icons and logotypes words (headlines etc) are stored in Avensia Cloud. All communications are done using json files and works in correlation with the template used for each document type. 

There are two modes built into the PDF Generator; Preview and Batch (mass production) build. 

The Preview mode is used when a user needs to preview a document before it is approved, or when a mass production is not needed. In this mode, there is normally no asset created in the PIM. 

The Batch build is used when a lot of documents is being produced from a build queue, and finally saved as an asset in the PIM and linked to the correct entity so it can be distributed in the channel management. 

Approval processes

Before an auto-generated PDF is distributed, it can go through a predefined approval process. The previews of the data sheets are sent as tasks to the approver, who gets one preview per template. The approval process is also segmented per langauge.

All changes does not have to be approved, you can define which fields are important, and when there are changes made in them a new approval round is triggered.  

InRiver PMC components (customizable source code) 

By using product information from inRiver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC) you can ensure that the documents always are up-to-date with the correct information in all languages. After review and approval, Storefront PDF Generator creates a complete PDF document with your company layout profile, ready to be consumed on your web, in your ERP system, or other channels.  

In the starter package, Storefront PDF Generator comes with components for inRiver PMC, which helps you to get started quickly and gives you the basic functionality to use Some core components, which are part of the communication with Avensia Cloud must always be intact, but most of the components in iPMC can be redesigned based on own requirements and processes.   

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