Episerver Commerce

A platform for managing content, marketing and e-commerce
— being in control has never been easier.

Episerver Commerce is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. No other e-commerce platform has been able to integrate CMS and e-commerce as well. Episerver provides you with the ability to take care of your visitors before, during and after purchase, across all channels. We are proud to be the only company in the world that has become a Premium Solution Partner for Episerver by only delivering e-commerce and several of our largest projects built on Episerver Commerce. We collaborate closely with Episerver and help them in the development of their platform through creating the template for their solutions, amongst other things.

Our best-practice solution Avensia EPICS gives us the opportunity to make Episerver Commerce projects quicker, cheaper and give them higher quality. Avensia has created an entirely unique product for complete integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Episerver Commerce.

Episerver Commerce Benefits

                  •                 Many alternatives for language and currency

                  •                 Responsive mobile templates

                  •                 Automatically targeted offers

                  •                 Cross-sell across different channels

                  •                 Simple A/B testing

                  •                 Quicker solutions

                  •                 Smart templates for facilitating start-up

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