Jörgen Bertilsson on 2012 e-commerce trends in Computer Sweden

Computer Sweden interviewed Avensia's vice president Jörgen Bertilsson about his e-commerce expectations for 2012.

Interconnection of sales channels

Avensia delivers e-commerce solutions to market leaders and award-winning retailers. The company's vice president Jörgen Bertilsson says that the interconnection of sales channels is a strong trend for the next two years. "It's all about providing a consistent customer experience regardless of channel. Those who lack skills in multiple channels will lose market share to those who succeed in their channel strategy.With changing patterns of behavior sales channels melt more and more together - in the long run, the notion of channel may even disappear", says Jörgen. "Soon, visitors will be able to trade seamlessly between channels. In some of the solutions we have delivered in 2011 and that we build in 2012, we integrate business systems, cash register systems and e-commerce so tight with Dynamics AX that we can really talk about an entirely new standard for multi-channel shopping and personalization."

Personalized shopping experience

Avensia's customers include mobile specialist Katshing, who has been appointed Sweden's most user-friendly shop, and Design Online, which won a prize as this year's e-retailers in 2011 and will represent Sweden in a European competition. One of the pillars is to automatically customize the site for the visitor so that products with the greatest potential are exposed. This type of optimization will be a continued focus area.

Customer Lifecycle

Most online retailers do not have good solutions for optimizing the "customer lifecycle" and there's plenty to do. In this area, we implement artificial intelligence to automatically personalize every customer interaction with highly relevant information and offers. Jörgen emphasizes what he calls Avensias "dream team", 50 e-commerce experts with knowledge of everything from strategy and design to technology, as one of its major strengths. But also the choice of platform that does not lead to a lock-in effect. Our customers will not stick with just us as a supplier, but can employ in-house developers or hire another consulting firm, because we are working with standard Microsoft technology that is very easy to learn, and where the customer always owns all our source code. A modern "best of breed" platform means that our solutions will be both sharper and more agile, giving our customers the best possible conditions in both the short and long term. Our system provides higher conversion rates and also saves a lot of administration time for our customers because the system takes care of A / B testing and personalization automatically. The future looks bright for the largest expert company in e-commerce, with a growth of just over 40%. Jörgen expect continued good growth for Avensia as well as for e-commerce in general.

Strong development

"I believe that the e-commerce industry remains strong in terms of turnover. The development is not not as fast as before, but e-commerce will continue to win larger shares of retail sales for the foreseeable future. Regarding investments in e-commerce systems and expertise, I am fairly certain that it continues to perform strongly. There are few things a management or board may decide that provides as good ROI as to invest in upgraded platform or improved e-commerce. If you do it right you can achieve amazing results quickly.