Avensia is now the company in the world with the most certified Episerver Commerce developers

Avensia is no longer just the biggest Episerver Commerce supplier in Europe, now Avensia is the biggest in the world. Last week Avensia certified another 11 developers for Episerver Commerce, meaning that Avensia now has the most certified developers in the world and a capacity spanning the globe. 

Avensia has won Episerver’s price for “E-commerce of The Year” for two consecutive years. Additionally, Avensia has won the prize “People’s Choice, Best Web of The Year” at Episerver Awards. And in October Avensia also won the prestigious price “Episerver Partner of The Year”, making it obvious who is the leading Episerver Commerce supplier in the Nordics. Now it is clear that Avensia has the most certified Episerver Commerce developers in the world. 

11 developers in Sweden and the Philippines took part in a global internal training program with online and local sessions ending with simultaneous certifications on the 30th of November. In total Avensia now has 35 certified Episerver Commerce developers, which is the most in the world. 

The Certification cements the foundations of knowledge that Avensia is building upon for further innovations on the platform. It is important to know the various parts of the platform to make informed decisions on where to add and what to enhance. 

“Avensia, who was recently named Partner of The Year, continues to impress us. New certifications results in increased knowledge of the platform, and now they have the most certified Episerver Commerce developers in the world. Having many certified developers is a great differentiator and a concrete proof of their competence and experience”, Says Johan Olsson, Senior Account Executive at Episerver 

Avensia will continue to improve their Episerver offering in 2018. With the framework SCOPE, Avensia provides an edge towards its competitors, making the Episerver platform even better. Continuous development of the successful Unified Commerce solution Avensia Storefront will also be a considerable unique selling proposition for Avensia going forward.