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Avensia broadens the offering within e-commerce logistics

Logistics is a vital part of the infrastructure that drives modern digital commerce. Avensia is constantly expanding the service offering and we have the pleasure of welcoming Jenny Vesterlund as a new colleague in the role of Director of Business, Omnichannel Logistics. Jenny will act as an advisor to Avensia's customers regarding customer experiences linked to fulfilment and logistics - the last mile.

May 10, 2021


Avensia does not only deliver modern e-commerce solutions; a large part of the work with customers is also about strategic advisory and business development in all phases of the customer journey. Avensia's advisors are specialized in several areas such as customer loyalty, omnichannel, digital strategy, information management and e-commerce optimization. Now another expert has joined, focused on omnichannel logistics.

Jenny Vesterlund most recently comes from the omnichannel actor KICKS in the role of Head of E-commerce Supply Chain. In her new role, Jenny will build a strong offering and an expert team in the logistics business area, contributing to the development of Avensia’s customers' business.

Jenny's first focus will be to help new and existing customers with challenges related to logistics, both in the supply chain from production to warehouses and stores and related to e-commerce deliveries and returns.

- I am looking forward to helping our customers streamline their logistics to enhance the customer experience further. I am really pleased to see an increased focus on supply chain. I am passionate about giving the consumer a great buying experience, and logistics is also an important factor for business profitability and growth, says Jenny Vesterlund.

Sustainability is one of the driving forces behind Avensia's increased focus on e-commerce logistics. One of the biggest challenges for retailers linked to sustainability is resource-intensive transportations. In a large-scale business, you can make a big difference by optimizing each individual part of the value chain; production, packaging, empty space in packages, transports and returns processes.

- We see that sustainability has become incredibly important for both our customers and the end consumer. Having over 20% of sales volume coming back from the consumer in the form of returns is unsustainable for many reasons. We therefore see Omnichannel Logistics as an extremely important investment area for Avensia and in our work to improve our customers' business, says Kristian Hagset, Chief Growth Officer at Avensia.

As e-commerce is growing, and becoming a central part of retailers’ operations, it is now a significant driving factor in business development. There is a strong drive to focus on logistics processes and streamline every part of the supply chain. Every improvement in the logistics processes will create increased customer loyalty and important savings, as the volumes grow larger.

- We experience a shift in our customers’ focus, at least partly. For a long time, their main efforts were focused on customer acquisition and transactions, but now we see a strong driving force to streamline the entire value chain and work with the customer experience all the way from the initial research and the purchase, to delivery at the customers’ homes, continues Kristian Hagset, Chief Growth Officer at Avensia.

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