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Retail Trends

Top retail stats for June

Jun 15, 2021

Here are the most eye-opening retail stats we’ve seen over the past month – all linked to the theme of digital engagement and e-commerce.

54% of consumers place a higher value on digital interactions than physical

A survey by AppDynamics has discovered that more than half of consumers place a higher value on their digital interactions with brands than their physical ones. It’s a sign of the times of course, and a reminder of the importance of investing in digital engagement – and not simply digital purchasing and fulfilment.

58% of consumers prefer to interact on social media instead of in stores

A survey conducted by Harris Poll for Sprout Social has found that 58% of consumers prefer interacting on their favourite social platforms rather than in stores. The same survey found that 35% of customers prefer buying through social media rather than through a company’s website.

It’s a strong endorsement for social media – a channel that has sometimes been seen to underperform when it comes to bottom line.

UK e-commerce penetration hits 30% post lockdown

As the UK has emerged from lockdown, all eyes have been on just how high e-commerce sales have risen as a percentage of overall sales – especially as the UK is generally seen as the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe.

The answer is 30% - and time will tell whether a rise in footfall in physical stores through 2021 will alter this balance.

The average person now uses 32 digital services every day

AppDynamics’ vast study also discovered that the average consumer now uses 32 different digital services every day – which is 4x more than they realize. This fascinating stat shows not only how bound we are to digital services, but how unconscious our relationship with digital services is.

For businesses, this is an important learning. The motivations and habits of a consumer that doesn’t even realize what they’re engaging with are complex – but well worth understanding.