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Key Post-Covid Shopping Behavior Stats 2022

Sep 13, 2022

After two highly disrupted years, 2022 has offered a glimpse of a post-Covid world. What has this meant for shopping behaviors though? These stats paste an interesting picture of consumer buying preferences.

52% Of B2B Buyers Say They Will Never Go Back to Pre-pandemic Ways of Buying

A lot of Covid-19 pandemic buying analysis has focused on consumers. But B2B buyers have also changed the way they shop.

In fact, 52% of B2B buyers say they will never go back to the old pre-pandemic way of buying, according to a survey by Considered Content.

Notably, 66% are now self-serving more information before contacting vendors, highlighting why it’s vital that B2B sellers provide as much information as possible through their key selling channels.

91% Of Consumers Are Likely to Continue Buying More Online

One of the big things to come out of the pandemic was the acceleration of e-commerce. Some reported that e-commerce experienced five years of growth in a matter of months.

A survey of consumers in the US, UK and Australia by Nosto found that 67% increased their online purchasing since the start of the pandemic.

It seems that this growth in e-commerce isn’t disappearing as the world opens up again.

91% said they’re likely to continue purchasing more items online in the future in the same survey.


Over 70% Of Consumers Are Mixing Online and Offline Retail Channels

Although the pandemic saw e-commerce sales increase with stores temporarily closed in many parts of the world, it’s clear that consumers aren’t done with physical channels.

75% of US consumers say they’re researching and purchasing both in-store and online in a recent survey by McKinsey. This is across a wide range of product categories.

This is almost mirrored in the UK where EY reported that 72% of consumers mix online and in-store purchasing for major shopping events.

Globally, Bazaarvoice’s Shopper Experience Index 2022 found that 64% of shoppers have primarily used a hybrid method of shopping for the last six months.


Physical Retail Still Dominates For Certain Product Categories

Although e-commerce has been boosted by the pandemic, there are certain product categories that customers still opt to primarily buy in-store. Among these are grocery and household products.

In the second half of 2022, Morning Consult reported that globally 83% of consumers prefer to buy groceries and household goods offline.

Similarly, ENGINE found that 74% of US consumers prefer to buy everyday household items in-store in a recent study.

PYMNTS and Toshiba also reported that 76% of pharmacy shoppers in the US primarily buy in-store.