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Retail Trends

Top Retail Stats for February 2022

Feb 16, 2022

This month’s retail stats are all around the theme of localization and why stores, content and services should be adapted to local visitors.

Localized Retail Is the New Normal

The need to think local when it comes to retail has only got stronger as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a survey by Stylus, 88% of consumers worldwide said they expect newfound community connections to remain intact post-pandemic.

Retailers will need to tap into local communities through tailored stores, services, and marketing if they are to benefit from this shift.

Local Activity Affects 66% Of Purchases

According to research by agency TMW, 66% of purchases are affected by local activity.

It shows the need for retailers to take their activities and messaging and adapt it for a local audience. This includes their in-store content, as well as website and social media accounts.

40% said they will not buy from websites in other languages.

65% Of Consumers Prefer Online Content in Their Language

Localization also matters online.

A global survey by CSA Research revealed that 65% of consumers prefer online content in their language, even if it’s poor quality. Importantly, 40% said they will not buy from websites in other languages.

Clearly, providing information in different languages is crucial if e-commerce retailers want to maximize their sales. Translation should also be top of the list for retailers looking to move into new markets.

Local Content Increases Engagement by as Much as 4100%

If you doubted the power of hyperlocal content, data from video production company Post Service might surprise you.

It has reported that when content, such as images and videos on social media, is visibly local, the organic performance increases by up to 2500%.

What’s more, engagement rises by up to 4100% when this content includes local staff.

This presents a prime opportunity for retailers to make use of their in-store staff to create and share locally focused content.