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Sustainable E-Commerce Consulting

Talk is cheap – especially when it comes to environmentally sustainable commerce. Customers call for change. But more importantly, the planet cries out for it. So the age of sustainable commerce stunts, gimmicks and green PR must end. We help retailers adopt true sustainable e-commerce for meaningful change in their businesses that will also help their bottom line.

Sustainability Strategies That Create Change – Not Just Headlines

Greenwashing is washed up. Putting sustainability at the back of your annual report is over. Everyone from consumers to investors are now far savvier about sustainability in retail. And far more concerned about sustainable commerce as a result. Retail is a major polluter. All eyes are on you.

The big question is how to approach the sustainable commerce challenge. Action is needed – fast. Yet, there’s no quick fix. Indeed, the idea of quick fixes is part of the problem. Instead, you need an end-to-end, foolproof environmentally sustainable commerce strategy. That’s where we can help.

We can optimize outdated business models, or create new, environmentally conscious ones. Through our proven experience in data management strategy and solutions, we can also massively reduce waste across every part of your supply chain and customer journey.

These initiatives aren’t always as exciting as building a green wall or carbon-capture device. They will, though, make a far bigger impact for sustainability in retail.

In many cases, switching to an environmentally-friendly business approach will even help your bottom line by reducing waste and building goodwill amongst your potential customers.

Among various sustainable business services, our advisors offer:

  • Research and analysis
  • Workshops, roadmaps and gap analysis
  • Business cases and insights
  • Process optimization
  • Technical development
  • Innovation and insights

Your Customers Care About Sustainability

Sustainability has a strong marketing impact – so much so that companies will often exaggerate the scale of their efforts, or sometimes flat out lie, to use it in their advertising. However, this usually ends up backfiring in a spectacular way. 

Today’s consumers aren’t so easily misled by businesses who stretch the truth about their sustainability measures. They have access to information sharing platforms at their fingertips, and they’ll inevitably uncover the truth. Never underestimate your customers. 

That works out in your favor, though. Because those same customers are also willing to reward the genuine sustainability efforts of their favorite stores.

When you work with Avensia, our sustainable commerce advisory will help you make real positive changes that your customers will hear about. Not only will you be having a positive environmental impact, but on your customer retention as well.

White Paper: Can Retail Ever Be Sustainable Enough?

For years sustainability remained a significant if not fundamental item on retailers’ to-do list. But recently, that has changed. This whitepaper examines exactly what’s changed, what the most sustainable retailers are doing, and what the future holds.

Sustainable E-Commerce Consulting That Works With You

We work to inspire retailers of various sizes across different industries to shift towards meaningful environmentally sustainable commerce. Part of our strength is our broad network of partners working with sustainability in retail.

From market-leading innovators to trendspotting agencies, we join forces to offer you comprehensive strategic advice to develop true sustainable practices.

When you work with Avensia, we’re bringing these partnerships to the table for the sake of your sustainable strategy.

Ready to Create Real Change?

With experience from hundreds of digital commerce and business development projects, we can leverage your unique selling points with a tailor-made strategy and best-of breed technology.

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