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Retail Strategy Driven by Research

Spotting retail trends and predicting where we’re headed next are more vital now than ever. Good decision making demands an understanding of the latest consumer and retail trends. Our strategists work closely with industry-leading trendspotters to help you identify the retail trends that matter.

Uncover the retail trends that drive innovation

The longer retail trend reports grow, the harder it gets to confidently spot the retail trends that matter to your business.

We help you cut through the noise and uncover the retail trends that can really take your business to the next level. 

React too instinctively to an emerging consumer trend, and you could end up with an expensive gimmick. React too slowly to the most relevant retail trends, and you could fall behind your competitors.

We’ve teamed up with Insider Trends – a London-based retail consultancy and one of the world’s best-known trendspotter agencies. Together, we give you clarity. We get to know your business and establish precisely which retail trends are worth acting on. Plus, we'll show you how they can help grow your brand.

Among other retail trends services, we  help our clients through:

  • Tailored trend reports and keynotes
  • Business case, prioritizing and roadmap workshops
  • Retail safaris and tours
  • Innovation development – helping you through the journey from retail trend to concept implementation
  • Change management

Webinar: The trends driving modern e-commerce

Trend expert Cate Trotter outlined during this session why e-commerce is so crucial to retailer's bottom lines, in the short term and the long term. The webinar is packed with insights, examples and data, giving you a fresh perspective on this growth opportunity.

One-stop shop from inspiration to innovation

Our partnership with Insider Trends allows us to offer a fully end-to-end, inspiration-to-innovation retail trends proposition.

Beginning with trendspotting and concept evaluation, we find the insights in consumer trends that propel meaningful creative ideas in your business. Thanks to our e-commerce and omnichannel technical experience and knowledge, we take your ideas and make them a reality.

Knowing that the same strategists will partner with you from beginning to end ensures a consistent understanding of your goals, challenges and barriers within retail trends. This capability removes the complexity and expense of working with multiple partners on different aspects of the retail trends innovation journey – leading to better outcomes for our clients.

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