Building Your Online Marketplace Strategy

To us at Avensia, online marketplaces are a natural development of e-commerce, and it’s one that you should be taking advantage of. We have helped companies like yours start selling on both big and small marketplaces, and establish customer-unique marketplaces of their own.

Let’s Work Together on Your Marketplace Strategy

To help your company to create a strategy for marketplaces, we need to understand who you are, your needs and what existing online marketplace strategies you work with. If the strategy work is done and you need help to execute the plans, we’ll start there. If you want to know more about how marketplaces could benefit your business, we’ll help you explore the options. Either way, our mission is to help you take your business to the next level.

Our strategic offering includes two parts, as described below. If you don't already have a vision or a strategy in place, we can help you gain the knowledge and the structuring you need to be able to use marketplaces to optimize your business, both short and long term.


Overall Marketplace analysis and Strategy May Include:

  • Defensive strategy – How to decrease the negative effects of marketplaces
  • Offensive strategy - What products, categories and brands could be well suited for marketplace sales? What would be the relevant marketplace for those?
  • Aggressive strategy - Identify the preconditions and assets to create a marketplace for your industry or specific categories
  • Discover the effects of marketplaces on the power balance in the supply chain in your industry
  • Create roadmaps to start selling on marketplaces or create your own marketplace.


Execution of the Marketplace Strategy:

  • Establish internal preconditions such as organization, knowledge and systems to cater for efficient and profitable sales processes for marketplaces
  • Negotiations of agreements and dialogue with relevant marketplaces
  • Train your staff, establish routines and processes, develop a profitability analysis
  • Launch of online marketplaces and continuous optimization

Online Marketplace Strategy is a Key Part of Modern Commerce

In today’s online world, marketplaces are a key to mastering e-commerce strategy and finding success in the digital space. That’s why an online marketplace strategy is so important.

Even if you’re already selling on an online marketplace, there are data centralization and analysis strategies that need to be in place to get the most out of the platform. You’ll also need to plan out omnichannel product information systems and marketing strategies to support your marketplace efforts.

While online marketplaces offer a lot of new capabilities and flexibility, they have to be backed up by a sound strategy to make the most of them. This is where Avensia can help. Our marketplace experts have extensive experience of successfully driving sales through online marketplaces as well as creating their own winning marketplaces.

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We have helped companies start selling on both big and small marketplaces, and establish customer-unique marketplaces of their own. Book a call with one of our senior commerce advisors specialized in marketplaces.