Optimize your digital sales

For the time being, digital sales channels are more important than ever. In order to help retailers cope with this new situation, we are offering a set of tactical packages aimed at helping them increase digital sales.  

One package includes two days of analysis of the current digital offering, and a prioritized list of measures to optimize digital sales. The services can be tailored to meet specific needs, and we are also happy to help with other sales boosting activities. We also offer a package deal, with all the below offers included, at a highly reduced price.


Using our expertise within customer behavior and conversion optimizationwe review the current solution based on the customer's experience:

  • Meny and navigation
  • Search and filtering
  • Page types
  • Content and relevance
  • CTA, cart and checkout
  • Customer Journey & UX: Inspire, Inform, Transact, Engage

Insights from the analysis are used to create an action plan with concrete measures to optimize digital sales and as hypotheses for further Google Analytics-optimization.


Our experts within online behavior and conversion optimization use Google Analytics to  perform a review  of :

  • Traffic, behavior and sales
  • Funnel
  • CTA
  • Channels and campaign effects
  • Ranking
  • SEO
  • Hypotheses from Website Overview

Insights from the analysis are listed together with recommended sales-boosting actions. 


Our experts within relationship commerce perform an evaluation of your CRM work and its performance:

  • Operational work to create and distribute content and communication
  • Segmentation and target groups
  • Marketing automation
  • Channels and communication
  • Campaigns and impact measurements
  • KPIs – results and trends
  • NPS/CSI and customer survey
  • AB-test optimization
  • Setup and data flows

Insights are used as foundation for an action plan to increase sales by using a more personalized communication with customers.


We run an evaluation of your existing e-com solution to identify obstacles and bottleneckse.g.:

  • Settings
  • Performance
  • Integrations
  • Corrupt links etc.
  • Unexploited functionality in systems and platform

Insights are used as basis for prioritizing necessary development and quick fixes to optimize sales online.