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Show Them You Know Them – Successful Personalization Online

Personalization is fundamental in modern commerce. Are your online customers targeted with personalized communication, offers and emails? In this Modern Commerce Talk, we shed light on customer expectations, competitive advantages, and success factors in respectful personalization.

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To succeed in modern commerce, a personalized customer experience is key. Today, this means targeted communication, offers, emails, and beyond. Your customers want to be recognized, inspired, and engaged. To succeed, continuous use of data is key. With Triggerbee, it's possible without inventing the wheel or breaking the bank.

Jens Axelsson, Director of CX & Loyalty at Avensia, and Jacob Sjönander, Commercial Director and co-founder of Triggerbee, share how to take your online customer experience to the next level with personalization. Find out how you can meet the increasing demands and expectations and facilitate the customer journey whilst staying ahead of the competition.

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