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Why UX Can't Be an Afterthought in Your Next E-commerce Project

UX should not be an afterthought. Incorporating it from the beginning can help minimize time, reduce costs and mediate risk in your next e-commerce project. In this Modern Commerce Talk, you´ll learn more about the advantages.  

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UX is fundamental in any successful e-commerce project. Make it a foundation instead of a layer. To maximize the value of UX, you need to address it in the beginning. Starting your next e-commerce project at the right end can solve both technical and logistical challenges early on, and support in defining the scope. Plus, visual elements are beneficial for the entire team, enabling the discovery of opportunities and potential obstacles. 

Gabriel Sturk, UX Lead at Avensia, is an expert in the field. In this Modern Commerce Talk, he shares hands-on advice along with the advantages of getting UX right from the start. Find out how you can optimize your next e-commerce project from an omnichannel point of view.

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