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How can Product Information Reduce Returns in Fashion?

Returns are a major headache for many retailers, especially in the competitive fashion industry where profitability is key. In this Modern Commerce Talk, you'll learn how best-in-class product information can help minimize your returns. 

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Best-in-class product information can help reduce returns in fashion, benefiting your bottom line and enhancing the customer experience. There are many aspects to consider. Color reproduction, cohesive videos and images, product reviews, size advice, and beyond. Getting it right requires more than technology, make sure to get your organization on board to avoid working in silos.  

Marielle Israelsson, Business Advisor within PIM at Avensia, has a long background in the fashion industry, working for brands such as NA-KD. In this Modern Commerce Talk, she shares advice on what aspects to consider, success factors, and hands-on advice to get started.

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