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What are the Most Important Loyalty KPIs for Commerce Businesses?

Customer loyalty means everything in modern commerce. Yet, many businesses do not have the metrics in place to understand the level of loyalty across its customer base. In this talk you’ll learn about the different loyalty KPIs and how to combine these for a holistic view and actionable insights.

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In this Modern Commerce Talk Jack Stratten talks to Jens Axelsson, Strategic Advisor and head of Customer Experience & Loyalty at Avensia. Jens has extensive experience helping commerce companies apply a loyalty-driven approach to their business and organization.  

Jens argues that a common mistake amongst businesses today is that they look at loyalty KPIs, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) in isolation. As such, they miss out on the opportunity to drive value through tactics targeting the most loyal customers. Instead, companies should combine several loyalty KPIs in a model to get a holistic understanding of the customer base. Listen to the talk to learn more. 

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