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Avensia Modern Commerce Talks

Why is it important to invest in experimentation?

How can you find your competitive edge while saving time, money and resources? By making sure that you always deliver what is best for the customers. How? With a Test & Learn mindset and methodology.  

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In this Modern Commerce Talk, Jack Stratten talks to Heather Miller, Senior Strategy Consultant at Optimizely. Heather will explain how organizations can mitigate risk and gain control over the rollout of new customer experiences.

The Test & Learn process is especially important for modern commerce businesses who are trying to keep up with fast-changing customer expectations. Retailers today cannot afford to spend one year of development on a feature that will be old and irrelevant once it is released. 

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Optimizely Cloud Commerce

The simple and flexible design of Optimizely Commerce Cloud (Episerver commerce) lets you quickly choose the functionalities and experiences you want to create in your e-commerce platform.

Yet perhaps more importantly, it means we can create exceptional e-commerce platforms faster than ever. Learn more about how Optimizely and Avensia powers the most demanding e-commerce platforms in the world.