Retail Trends

What are the 5 biggest trends in modern commerce right now?

Jul 02, 2021

What do retailers fear the most? We’d wager that for many it’s change. And yet, change is one of the only things that is guaranteed. So, why do retailers fear it?

Because they’re not prepared for it. Because their businesses aren’t built for it. Because they often can’t control it.

The principles of modern commerce make it possible for organizations to manage this change without fear. Instead they can take advantage of new opportunities for their business.

5 new trends shaping the commerce landscape

To provide some clarity in this ever-changing industry, we’ve highlighted five new retail trends in our new free-to-download white paper:

  • Superfast hyper-convenience
  • Mass micro-fulfillment
  • The unmanned store
  • Experience everywhere
  • The new normal: Post-vaccine customer behaviors

These are some of the biggest emerging trends shaping modern commerce right now – and therefore the trends most likely to impact your business. They address new customer behavior as the world rolls out coronavirus vaccination programs, but they also represent a step forward on existing key customer wants such as convenience.

The companies and retailers leading on these five new trends will be setting the expectations that others will have to follow.

The new white paper digs down into each trend to not only explain what it is, but also the benefits and insights on how to apply it.

InnovACTION – how to keep up with change

In the white paper we also explore how these trends demonstrate a new modern commerce principle we call InnovACTION.

While many retailers paused their innovation activities during the coronavirus pandemic, proactive retailers continued to take action through innovation. As such, they’re in a stronger position to take advantage of the new growth opportunities that many executives believe the pandemic has created.

Discover more about what InnovACTION, and the five biggest trends in modern commerce right now, mean for your retail business in our new white paper.