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Information Management

Achieve Your Data Dream Scenario

Data is only valuable if it’s accurate, accessible and updated. But how to achieve this if data sits in different systems with multiple owners and no standardized maintenance process? It all starts with your information management strategy. This is where you take a holistic view of all input sources, set data models and define how to feed information to all your channels.

For food distributor Bama, product information is a core ingredient in their offering. Learn how they gained process efficiency and increased data quality with a complete data re-design project.


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Why You Need a Solid Information Management Strategy

The amount of data we process today is larger than ever. And it’s only growing. Buyers expect more product information to help guide their purchases. Different channels and audiences require tailored information formats.

With a solid information management strategy commerce businesses can:

  • Consolidate data to ensure one source of truth throughout the organization 
  • Set a foundation for all digital sales channels 
  • Increase speed to market for new products 
  • Improve buying experiences and customer service 
  • Drive internal process efficiency and superior data quality 

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78 %

of product searches do not include a brand name

23 %

reduction in returns by increasing product data quality

9 X

add-to-cart rate lift for shoppers who engage with comparison tables


What Role Does PIM Play in Modern Commerce?

Buyers interact with your content, not with your technology. The way you use content to tell the story about your products plays a major role for the position of your e-commerce business. This is true for both retailers and manufacturers. In this Modern Commerce Talk our experts discuss the various roles a PIM system plays in modern commerce.

Let The Data Do the Job for You

In a data dream scenario you’ll have the process and system support in place for information to flow seamlessly and automatically across touchpoints. How to get there? A tool alone will not do the job. You need to start by mapping out what data you need, where it is hosted, who maintains it and how to share it to various channels and stakeholders.

This is where Avensia’s information management experts can help. Our team has extensive experience helping companies like yours to unleash data knots and implement technology that will do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. So that you can let the data work for you, with confident.

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