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Better Digital Experiences with Composable Commerce

In today’s increasingly digital world, your B2B buyers expect to interact with your business through digital channels smoothly and easily. Future-proof your digital sales with a technology platform that allows you to optimize customer experiences and quickly adapt to changing customer demands.

Why Composable Commerce?

Why should you consider a composable approach for your next B2B commerce platform?

  • It’s a future-proof technology that can scale as your business grows
  • You’ll get a flexible platform that you can tailor to your specific sales models and customer journeys – no matter how complex
  • It allows you to increase organizational agility and customer centricity
  • You’ll be able to take on larger volumes of traffic and sales, new customer types or products, without worrying about site stability or performance impact

The agility and flexibility that a composable approach offers is just what your B2B business needs to cater to complex digital sales models and increase customer expectations.

White paper

A Tech Foundation for Future Proof B2B Commerce

In this white paper, you’ll get a thorough walk-through of the challenges B2B commerce businesses face today – and how a composable commerce setup can help.

Kick-Start Your Composable Commerce Journey

Together with our partner commercetools, we’ve built composable commerce platforms that live up to the high requirements of B2B organizations:commercetools-250

  • Rock-solid stability
  • Battle-tested performance
  • True flexibility
  • Customizable configuration
  • Future-proof scalability

Plus, we offer Avensia Excite – a pre-packaged composable solution where much of the heavy lifting has been done behind the scenes. Avensia Excite allows you to get started quickly and leverage best practices so that you can offer your customers top-notch digital experiences right from the start.

Watch the video below to learn more about Avensia Excite ⬇️

Then, contact us to discuss how Avensia can support your business.

Let’s Discuss If Composable Commerce Is Right for Your Business

Avensia's experienced commerce advisors will help you evaluate if and how a composable setup would fit your unique business needs and objectives. Fill out the form and we'll be in touch shortly to set up a call.