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New relations API in Commerce 11

When epi released Commerce 11, it came with a new way of working with Relations. The old way is obsolete. I will go through how we migrated to the new APIs and some gotchas with it.

In the Commerce 11 Breaking changes page, you can read the following poin

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About me

My name is Joel Yourstone and I'm a fullstack developer at Avensia, working with an Episerver/React/Redux/Typescript stack. 

I've been working with web development professionally since I started my first freelance IT company when I was 16 (in 2010). I started my journey with the (in?)famous HTML/CSS/jQuery stack, evolved with PHP/SQL and now work with C#.NET on Episerver Commerce projects together with modern Javascript technologies.

Performance has always been one of my biggest interests in web development, from optimizing stored procedures in SQL Server to making sure every frame is rendered within 16.6ms in the browser.