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Headless Commerce

Headless commerce separates frontend and backend. And just like that, it opens up a world of possibilities. With headless commerce, you can adapt to changing e-commerce and consumer trends and create unique digital experiences. Best of all, you can do it at breakneck speed.

Headless eCommerce

Flexible, custom digital commerce that inspires your customers

Headless eCommerce solutions never come out of a box. They’re always custom-made. With headless commerce, businesses have the freedom to build whatever they want and bring unique experiences to customers quickly and easily.

In headless commerce, the user interface, social commerce and digital marketplace are designed independently. That means backend considerations don’t interfere with creating amazing, user-led front-end designs.

Benefits of headless commerce include:

  • Complete control over all aspects of eCommerce solutions
  • No limitations – you can build anything
  • Easy connection to IoT systems in smart devices such as smartwatches and store displays
  • Truly user-led design capability
  • Ability to experiment with banner ads, videos, voice, and other omnichannel concepts
  • Agility and flexibility – speedy development and addition of new features
10 minutes talks

Avensia Modern Commerce Talks

A brand new concept that allows you to learn more in less time. Each talk is 5 to 10 min long and answers one specific question. Jack Stratten from Insider Trends is the moderator, and he will interview subject matter experts in a wide range of topics within modern commerce.

The Avensia approach

Expert guidance through a headless solution

Headless commerce gives businesses the freedom to build whatever they want. But knowing what to build and which components will work best create a complex challenge. That’s where our unique headless commerce expertise makes a real difference.

We can identify your needs and match them with the relevant headless solutions. And we can also build them. Our headless commerce development teams have exactly the right knowledge and tools to guide you through the features.

We also typically offer a packaged headless solution that brings you the benefits of headless commerce – Avensia Excite. It comprises hand-picked, best-of-breed components, all built on a headless architecture. This allows retailers to choose the experiences they want to create. Our composable headless solution is a fast, flexible way of creating brilliant digital commerce.

Dedicated headless commerce developers to manage extra custom code

In headless commerce, integrations are API-driven. It’s based on the RESTful API that has a backend data model and a cloud-based infrastructure.

One implication of buying a custom system instead of out-of-the-box is that you don’t get the continuous updates. Traditional systems are updated via an API update, but that is not the case in headless commerce.

Headless commerce can be more complex and require more custom code than traditional systems, which is especially common with standard features. This is where Avensia’s headless commerce experts help you shine. As an Avensia customer, you benefit from a dedicated and innovative headless commerce development team taking care of maintenance, updates and quick addition of new features.

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