inRiver PIM

Discover how easily you can enrich and search for products, and how smoothly you can set up a work process

inRiver is at the forefront of Product Information Management (PIM). The system enables Omni-Channel commerce professionals to create, manage and distribute perfect product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages. inRiver PIM is quick to implement, easy to use and very visual. Over 180 customers worldwide already rely on inRiver’s platform when it comes to managing product information for their globally renowned brands.

Avensia has extensive experience in implementation of inRiver PIM as we apply the system to most of our solutions. In 2012,2013, 2016 and 2017 Avensia was recognised as inRiver Partner of the Year.

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inRiver PIM Benefits

   •      Respond to constantly changing market demands for product information

   •      Launch new and innovative marketing channels

   •      Create a shopping experience that more easily converts visitors into customers

   •      Reach the market faster with your products

   •      Control your PIM process and use the product information easily and consistently across all sales channels

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inRiver Platinum Partner

In River Platinum Partner