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Avensia Grows B2B Offering and Customer Base

Modern commerce expert Avensia reports an increasing demand for the company’s services and solutions from the business-to-business (B2B) segment in 2021. As professional buyers increasly prefer to shop and interact with suppliers in digital channels the ROI for B2B digital transformation has never been so apparent.

November 30, 2021, 8:30 CET


The Covid pandemic has accelerated the shift toward digital channels for B2B sellers and buyers. According to a survey featured in Digital Commerce 360, 80% of B2B buyers will do more purchasing online post pandemic and research from McKinsey shows that up to 80% of B2B decision makers now actually prefer remote human interaction or digital self-service.

Avensia has longstanding experience helping both B2C and B2B businesses develop successful modern commerce strategies and solutions. Over the past 12 months Avensia has experienced an increasing demand from B2B companies that want to accelerate their digital transformation and better serve their customers through digital channels.

New B2B projects from Avensia during 2021 include domestic as well as global commerce sites such as AJ Products, Brødrene Dahl and American Orthodontics.

The early results from this year’s B2B projects have been overwhelmingly positive, and great testimonies of the huge potential that exist for B2B businesses who are ready to accelerate their digital presence.

“Our new e-commerce site is key to future-proof our digital sales and growth,” says Viktor Sundberg, Head of E-commerce and Digital Marketing at AJ Products. “Already now, just two months after launch of our Swedish site, we’ve seen an incredible increase in conversion rate and the average order value grow by 27%. These results are amazing and excellent proof points that we have a solid foundation when rolling out the site to all our international markets.”

While operating in various industries and markets, Avensia’s B2B customers have one thing in common: a clear and high ambition to provide their customers with the best digital buying experience.

“The B2B customers we work with understand that they need to raise the bar and move away from a basic e-commerce site with the order function in focus,” says Robin Gustafsson, CEO at Avensia. “Instead, they focus on the customer and their buying experience. With our strong business understanding and deep technology expertise we work with these B2B customers to create an inspiring, convenient and smooth buying journey for their business buyers as well as optimizing internal processes to drive operational excellence.”

When it comes to delivering a smooth and convenient buying journey, B2B companies can learn a lot from B2C digital native brands. But it’s not as easy as copying a successful B2C site. Digital native business buyers have specific requirements when interacting with suppliers.

Avensia’s offering include support and solutions to cater for critical B2B commerce needs, such as:

  • Customer journey analysis and optimization
  • Information management strategies, structure, and solutions
  • Channel integrations to procurement solution with punch-out, customer service and sales systems
  • Personalized price and customer agreement integration
  • Multi-account purchasing for enterprise organizations
  • Commerce strategy services to ensure a holistic view of B2B digital transformation

Avensia has recently released a white paper to help B2B companies explore the digital transformation opportunities. The B2B Guide to Modern Commerce is available for download on

For more information please contact:

Robin Gustafsson, CEO, +46 736606082 or
Fredrik André, CMO, +46 709239381 or

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