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What Are Design Sprints and How Can Retailers Benefit?

Design sprints can help solve challenges in just four days. Take away the guessing game, cut out expensive development, and speed up your time to market. In this Modern Commerce Talk, you'll learn all about design sprints and the advantages you can gain. 

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Design sprints have become a common way of working among leading businesses. It's a methodology where a cross-functional team comes together and solves a problem in just four days. Design sprints enable you to test a prototype on real customers before a single line of code is written. By taking away building and launching you're avoiding the guessing game. 

Örn Sigurbergssson, a Senior UX Designer at Avensia, has extensive experience working with design sprints. In this Modern Commerce Talk, he explains the methodology along with the advantages. Learn how your business can get started and achieve results quickly.

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