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What value does MDM bring to a D2C e-com?

The benefits of a Direct to Consumer e-commerce are significantly lower costs, higher profits, and ownership of all the customer data. But you can save more, and wow your customers even more. By streamlining your data supply chain processes, you can offer the right product,  to the right customer at the right time. In this Modern Commerce Talk, Ben Rund will tell you how.  

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In this Modern Commerce Talk, Jack Stratten talks to Ben Rund, VP Business Development EMEA at Syndigo (former Riversand). Ben helps businesses grow, using their data as fuel, all the way from manufacturer to end consumer.  

MDM stands for Master Data Management and involves both tools, strategy and processes for managing data in an efficient and secure manner. When you have your data in order, you have really set the stage for growth. Syndigo is a technology partner to Avensia. 

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Syndigo Master Data Platform

Syndigo (Riversand) offers cloud-native master data management solutions to support digital transformation. The SaaS master data platform uses a growing number of out-of-the-box apps for smart data management that cater to multiple industries.