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B2B / Supply chain

A supply chain omnipresence for both B2B and B2C

Apr 12, 2019

With a supply chain infrastructure in place, you can quite easily use a B2C e-commerce platform to support B2B features and marketplaces.

Globalization and digital transformation enable companies to drive sales through any channel. Supply chain omnipresence allows sellers to widen their reach tremendously without having to manage broadly distributed and inconsistent data, order information, customer profiles, and inventory held in multiple, disparate systems that don’t talk to each other.

Fewer resources are required to manage product data, marketing, merchandising, and selling operations. At the same time, B2B e-commerce platforms are enabling sellers to launch B2C e-commerce and marketplace capabilities. Everyone can be everything.

Stenströms, the classic B2B company that went B2C with ease

One of Avensia’s customers, quality shirt manufacturer Stenströms, is a fine example of a company who futureproofed their business by creating a supply chain omnipresence.

A very classic B2B business went B2C with ease, because they already had the infrastructure and supply chain in place for it. Read the whole story about Stenströms' journey together with Avensia.

Case story: Stenströms

Into the digital future with craftmanship and quality

During the initial meetings with Avensia’s advisors, Stenströms’ idea was to only have a B2B site, to optimize their way of working with agents and retailers. But when the partnership was signed, the ambition of the project was altered completely.