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E-commerce project

Get a modern e-commerce solution up and running in 30 days

Shorten the initial phase of setting up a solid infrastructure for your modern e-commerce solution. Spend more time on the fun part: creating value for your customers.

30 days e-com

Kickstart your project

The pre-packaged e-commerce solution includes a complete flow, from product to transaction, with great user experience and best in-class performance. The frontend of the starter package is completely customizable, which allows you to create a truly unique digital commerce, built with thoroughly battle tested architecture, used by many of Avensia’s customers.

Once you have the e-commerce up and running, the fun part begins, because that is when you get feedback from real customers. Modern commerce is all about keeping an ear to the ground and adjust your offer according to your customers. That is why our solutions are built for an agile way of working, flexible and scalable.




What are the requirements for being able to manage a 30 days project?

To be able to launch a new e-commerce in 30 days, you need to have your product information in order. This means that a product model needs to be in place, and your product information system needs to be properly enriched. We have standard connectors for InRiver PIM and Riversand MDM.

Below is a compilation of the features that are included in the starter package for a complete e-commerce infrastructure. The solution is flexible and scalable - a solid ground for your digital commerce to grow on.


The basics
  • Fully customizable frontend
  • Fully implemented start page, category page, product page and checkout
  • A built-in complete flow from product to transaction
  • Best in class tech – great UX & performance; response times, data traffic, etc


The functionality
  • Multiple sites and catalogs
  • Store Finder
  • Click & Collect
  • Fully implemented search, my pages etc.
  • Geo/Location specific pricing


The integrations
  • Connector for PIM and MDM (inRiver and Riversand)
  • Ready-made integrations for Klarna, PayPal, Adyen, Stripe, etc
  • POS Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • API endpoints for order, stock, price & product information included out-of-the-box

This is what you get in a 30 days e-com project

A complete e-commerce website infrastructure from Avensia

Out-of-the-box value and functionality

A tool for KPI's and data driven des isions

Increased revenue and competitiveness

Minimized risk with a packaged solution already used by customers like NA-KD and Lyko

Lower cost of ownership

April 24th, 2020

Coop Norway launched a digital commerce in just a few weeks

A project, that typically would take months to finish, was delivered in just a couple of weeks by the Avensia team. Learn more about the key components enabled this project to launch in such a short time.

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