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Avensia helps Coop Norway launch site with home delivery of groceries

In line with their responsibility due to Covid-19, Coop Norway launched a new home delivery solution for food and groceries earlier this week.

April 24, 2020


Coop Norway is part of the national food supply fallback program in Norway and has a special societal responsibility to help those who need to avoid buying groceries in physical stores due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The purpose is to contribute to the national need to supply the elderly, the sick or the quarantined with food, without putting them or the society at risk. The solution will be rolled out quickly to densely populated areas in Norway.

- The home delivery solution is key for Coop as a retailer, but even more important for the Norwegian people, especially all the elderly, the sick or the quarantined, in a time like this, said Victoria Hellesøy, project leader for the home delivery solution at Coop.

- I am really proud that we have been able to launch this initiative in just a couple of weeks. I am truly impressed by the Coop-Avensia project team, Avensia’s expertise, and willingness to walk the extra mile in this project. The senior team of developers and their best practice approach in combination with Avensia’s e-commerce framework Storefront Nitro, has really been key for the successful launch.

The designated team at Avensia has worked around the clock to deliver a digital commerce project within an extreme time frame. A project, that typically would take months to finish, was delivered in just a couple of weeks.

The key components to be able to deliver a solid and scalable solution in two weeks have been;

  • a very well-defined scope focusing only on the key basic needs
  • Avensia’s e-commerce framework Avensia Storefront Nitro
  • a seasoned project team within Coop’s and Avensia’s most senior digital commerce experts working around the clock

- I am very proud and humble of what we, together with Coop, have delivered in this project, said Niklas Johnsson, CEO at Avensia.

- It’s a great feeling being part of an initiative like this and play a role in using our experience and expertise in modern commerce to solve urgent human needs.

The Avensia Storefront Nitro solution is built on Episerver commerce using a Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

For more information, please contact

Nicklas-ceo3Niklas Johnsson
CEO, Avensia


fredrik-cmoFredrik André
CMO, Avensia



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