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Product Information Managemet (PIM)

How a PIM system can sharpen your marketing activities

Many have reached the conclusion that a PIM system could be an advantage for a market oriented organization, but far from everyone understand really why it can be an advantage.


If you want to spend less time on administration of product information, keeping it organized and up-to-date in all channels, a PIM system would be beneficial for your organization. With a PIM system in place, you only need to update and add product information in one place. The product data will be distributed in the right format to all different channels - your e-commerce, your marketplaces, social media, your resellers and customers. You will cut down time on enrichment, gain control over your content and will be able to make your products stand out in the jungle of information.

A PIM enables individuals to put energy and creativity into things that create value, like writing appealing and targeted product descriptions. When you have a well-functioning information distribution system internally, more time can be spent on creating content that will make you more competitive.

PIM system benefits for marketing teams

With the right system support, resources in the organization can focus on meeting the customer with the right content, at the right time, and naturally increase the conversation rate.

The benefits are;

  • Allows you to follow up on your market activities
  • Enables your team to easily test and experiment with content
  • Gives you an overview of your team’s ability to meet launch deadlines
  • Successful campaign setups can be reused in a simple way
  • Agility - easy to set up new marketing channels
  • Great for SEO - optimize texts for each channel and make web crawlers love you