​Toyota Launches New E-Commerce Site for Forklifts

Toyota Material Handling, part of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), the world's leading supplier of materials handling, has created an e-commerce site that makes many B2B companies look pale in comparison. The new site focuses heavily on the customer experience. To find, buy or rent a truck has never been easier.

Toyota Material Handling has succeeded in making truck shopping into something quite extraordinary. The site offers guides and instructions for which forklifts and accessories that are best suited for different purposes. It is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that want to quickly cover their operational needs with forklifts or services.

"We are working hard to simplify and help the customer find a truck that fits their needs. We know that many people start their shopping process online and that is why it has been important for us to build an e-commerce that both reach new customer groups, and also adds value to customers who later choose to contact our sales department. We have already sold a truck by phone which few people thought was possible when we first started the project. It has been a great comfort to have Avensia as the supplier of our e-commerce as they did a great job right from the start”, says Cecilia Nilsson, E-Commerce Manager at Toyota Material Handling Europe

"Toyota Material Handling is an exciting company to work with. It is clear that innovation is something that permeates the whole group and not just their cars. We are happy to round off the year with another successful launch that we hope will bring much joy and satisfaction to Toyota's customers, "explains Jörgen Bertilsson, Executive VP Global Business Development at Avensia.